Away From Everything

Away From Everything

I can still see you there
That wonderful you
How beautiful that was,
I’ll never forget.
No time in Memories
Just when we met
That I see now
As I’m here
In a room of everything.

No time in memories
But time has passed
I wonder now
Who makes you laugh.
I wonder more
Who makes you upset.
I’ll never forget
When it was me.
Why make me upset,
You would cry then.
I never wanted to,
I would say then.
And I would do it again
If it meant
I would be with you.

Oh can’t that be us again?
Someday, somewhere!
I shout to you I don’t know where
From this room of everything
Too loud to bare.
Can’t it be me
who still makes you laugh,
I know it could be
And you know it too.
If you thought of me,
That is.
But it is me
Who still thinks of us.
And us to you
I do not know.

What a life
It must be now
to be around you.
I know because
I’m far removed
But how vivid
every last move
Of you is to me.
It still takes me
away from everything.

M.R. – Oct.2016


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