It Was Better That Way

Love, they weren’t in love.
At least he didn’t say
And neither did she.
He thought it was better that way
As there was no point.
They were just words anyway.

In those days
When he was with her
He held her tighter than
anyone before.
And kissed her more
And more and more.
Love to he but what about she?
Maybe it was true or maybe not
Either way they would not say
For it was just better this way.

Long after the days
Of seeing her
He thought of her next to him.
He thought of their
laughter on his couch.
Those were the days
When they were kids
Who got away
With something
They shouldn’t have.
He thought and smiled.
And thought of her.

He thought of her now.
But still did not say
For why would he
It was better that way.

M.R. – 2011



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