To My Friends

I don’t need to have my eyes shut
or earplugs in.
I don’t need to be alone or drunk
or even feeling the dog-doo blues.
I can always see you,
all of you,
whenever I want.

If for some reason you didn’t like
how it went the last time we saw each other,
maybe you didn’t like the way we looked,
or maybe we’ve had better moments,
that’s okay.

When I think of you,
when I think of all of you,
I don’t think about any of that stuff.
Not even things like
the day we first met
or how long it’s been since we’ve been friends.
I don’t think about
who taught who what
or who did what for whom,
because I know if I did such things,
you’d all have me cornered.

This is why
no matter what I do,
where I am,
where you are,
I can always see you.



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