You’re Good to Me

When she put her hand on my thigh
I noticed her wrist.
I looked into her eyes
And asked her why.
She said she didn’t
want to talk about it.     

Don’t do that,  I shout,
I need you here!
You’re good to me dear.
Cause nobody, no doubt,
Will talk to me here.

She looked at me close
So calm and quiet
With a hand high on my thigh
And eye to eye
And asked if I was full of shit.  

I wanted to lie,
I was good at that,
Another good lie with a chance,
but at that moment
I had crapped my pants!  

It ran down my leg
And touched my sock
But touched her hand
That was now on my cock
I couldn’t tell,
I couldn’t look!
I better run now
Or it’ll be hell.
Again! She yelled.

Only if she knew
It was different this time.
I wanted to stay
And kiss her well.
There were tears, or course,
As I walked away
Without a course
Like I just got finished
riding a horse.

M.R. – 2011


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