For what is me?
I can not see.
Blocked from view
By a Big Ol’ Tree.

It doesn’t move.
It doesn’t care.
O’ why o’ why
Is it there o’ there?

I ask all you
“Just be you!”
But what is me?
I can not see!

But can’t you see
That Big Ol’ Tree?
A trunk so wide,
So tall the height.
Look in its’ shade
I’m here in fright!

“No need to hide”
“No need to fight!”
“No two branches the same.”
“No two leaves alike.”
“What more to see?”
“What more to like?”

I look for that view
But there is no luck.
Not sure what to do
I’m certainly stuck.
To give up now,
To push on and dare?
I worry too much
That it’s not even there.

For what is me?
I’ll never know
If all I see
Is this Big Ol’ Tree.

M.R. Oct. 27th 2016