How It Ended

You were drunk.
I wasn’t.
You wouldn’t stop moving.
I needed sleep.
You wouldn’t stop talking.
I had to be up by Six.
You put your arms around me.
I threw them right off.  
You went onto the balcony.   
I thought you’d fall off.
You yelled at me,
I dragged you back,
You wanted a fight,
I thought you thought that!
You begged for more

So I stopped.

I had a flight in a few hours.
I would be gone for good.
I went back to bed.

You went back to the balcony,
Not again I said  
I can’t have you dead   
Or the Chinese Police
Would tear me apiece
And slice off me head!

So not anymore
I can’t have you fall.
I opened the door
And dragged you  
Out and down the hall.
I looked at you there
On the floor
You said
This isn’t what I meant  
And stumbled back to my apartment.
You said you loved me
And ran back to the balcony
I grabbed you then
And pinned you to the wall.  
I screamed at you
I can’t have you fall!  

You laid back down.  
I did too  
It was quiet for a bit.

But then I heard it.  
You threw up on my bed
on the floor
And by the door
And then said
Just let me sleep more.
This can’t be true.
What the hell to do.  
I shook your face
And smelled the booze
Clean my place!
But you didn’t move.
I grabbed a pillow
and left you there
in my room
in the stench
you created.  

You called me at the airport when you woke up and asked me if I hit you. I said I didn’t. You asked me why your back hurt so much.  I said you fell off the bed.  You asked me about the pain in your head. I said you were drunk. I asked you if you cleaned everything up. You said you did. You asked me where I was. I told you the airport. You asked me who took me there. I said someone else. You told me you were sorry. You said you didn’t want things to end like this.

M.R. – 2013


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