A month ago
With nowhere to go
I showed up at your door.
You gave me a hug
And welcomed me in
With a spot on the floor.
I offered you money
Though I didn’t have much.
You said it was free
Yourself is enough.

How about the bar?  I asked.  
How about hiking?  You asked.  

The peel on the rug
By the fridge and the bugs!
Your jacket on
My guitar rack,
My blue shirt
On your back.
The Brita is dry.
The fridge is empty.
My friends are not yours
Don’t hit on my friends.

How many times
When I slept in
Did you walk over
Me in the mornin?  

No need to answer.
No more back and forth.
I’m outa’ your way.
You said I could stay
But I won’t. Not today.  
I’m on a bus headed North.

M.R. – 2013