The Words I Write

Words are ugly.
Those words are.
Not all words.
My words that is.
Or is it are?

Words are ugly.
Those words, that is,
Or words that are,
And not your words,
Those words you write
Those words are birds!

That ain’t right,
Those words I write.
Tell it to the birds!
That’s what it is,
Not what are is,
Or your words,
The phrase you see,
Your words aren’t birds,
How can that be?

Why can’t I learn
To write so well,
Trace with grace
Shape like Yates
Or is it Yeats?
Pronounced like Yates
Or still like Yeats?
I think it is
Or is it not?
Or is it are?
You should know
You’ve read a lot.
To me it goes:
Someone knows
A Yate and Yeat
So either or
It’s all great!

For fuck’s sake,
Another mistake.
Not a dime
Would take these
Rhymes I make.
Make up, that is.
Or are, that is,
Or are, that are,
Or is, that is!

M.R. – Oct. 28th 2016


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