So you’re friends.
How long has it been?
Doesn’t matter really.
Where did you meet?
Who cares.
We’re all together.

But it isn’t that simple.

I’m still an outsider.
I just got here and
You’re beginning to wonder how long I’ll stay;
How long I’ll poke around for.
You’re wondering what’s on my mind.
Because surly the things I do
Reflect the things you do.

How can I expect to compete with brick walls
When I’m here with twigs!?
Twigs that have long broken and
Blown away in the seasons.
Is it my fault no one taught me
To bring something better?
Is it too late to turn back?

People like me should know their place.
Thanks at least for allowing me to have a look at
How the system works.
It helps me know what to expect next time
I come to play on the rim.

M.R. 2013